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New Super Servers

New Super Servers

Today is a big day here at the office, especially for our SEO services clients, -as we have just completed the transfer onto new European servers. The move started roughly 2 weeks ago as some of you might know, where we switched all existing client SEO campaigns over to faster, more reliable servers in order to improve our service levels and efficiency in general.

This is by far the most powerful servers we’ve had in the past 6 years doing business online, -and after seeing these past few days exactly what these things can do has sparked massive excitement on this side. We’re sure you will share that excitement (if you don’t already) once you see the effect it will have on your SEO campaigns in the coming months, as we’ve estimated you’ll be getting your desired results up to 5 times faster! Yes, you heard correctly…

To give you a rough idea of exactly how powerful these new SEO servers are, they can do the same amount of work in 2-3 days than what our old servers could handle in an entire month. Incredible. It does not mean, however, that we’re going full blast with your campaigns, as there are certain guidelines we need to keep to in order to comply with Google, Yahoo and Bing algorithms.

We will, however, push your campaigns as hard as we possibly can without any negative effects in order to gain much faster results in comparison to previous months/years.

Not only are we now providing you only with the most affordable SEO services, but also the most effective in comparison to other SEO companies that fall into our price range. This is something we can finally say with the utmost confidence!

We look forward to letting you see the results for yourself when we send your SEO reports at the end of the month. See it as an early Christmas present from yours truly 😉

Faster, higher rankings are on its way! Buckle up.

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