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Refund Policy

At, we’re all about quality of service and customer satisfaction. Once you choose to purchase one of our services, you agree to let us continue setting up your campaigns and give you exactly what you’ve paid for. To do this, we have to pay our staff and proven 3rd party service providers to give you the highest level of service and guaranteed results. That being said, we do not offer any refunds once your campaigns have been set up, this is simply to cover our “out-of-pocket” expenses.

The only time we’ll agree to a refund is if you’ve made a double payment, wish to change packages BEFORE we start the selected campaign you’ve paid for, -or didn’t hear from us within 24 hours after making payment (but of course, you will).

With that being said, rest assured that we’ll go the extra mile to keep you as a valued customer and don’t plan on going anywhere anytime soon.

To your success,